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Episode 1 with TempestWings, Cappy, and Levy (previously known as William Wallace)


NOTE: Hey guys, as you’ve probably noticed, this is Part I of the Episode previously released.  It’s a pretty choppy opening because we never intended to release the episode as two parts.  Unfortunately, Podbean has a 30 MB limit for files.  Long story short, we couldn’t figure out how to post our l-o-n-g episode, so we spent MONTHS simply avoiding it.  After avoiding it for so long (it was summer when we recorded…and now it’s January!) I decided to split it into two parts (thanks for the advice, David!) in order to make it fit.  Oh, and the shownotes were also written for the whole episode, so some of the stuff will apply to Part I, while others things will apply to Part II.  So……here it is!!!!




News: Artemis Fowl Movie, Twilight Movie, & The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer


Main Discussion: Dragons and Magic


Edith Pattou is the author of A Hero’s Song


“In some books they’re fat!”


Cappy’s line: “…Dragon, well DRAGON…” he used his fingers to make quotation marks on the second dragon…he just forgot that the listeners couldn’t see him


Ninja Dragons?




Oh, and just in case you were wondering, when I brought up the question of where dragons came from/are related to: birds, cats, or reptiles…that wasn’t a reference to evolution but to magical transformation. Just in case you were wondering, of course!


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